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Invasion Watching, Part 2

Cast of Invasion (2005)

I’m on Disk 5 of Invasion: The Complete Series and while I am still enjoying the show, only now have the bad guys actually started doing bad guy things. Even with them doing bad guy things, I still don’t see them as a threat. Prior to the “The Key” episode, isolated things have been done by isolated characters, but nothing pretty bad as a collective. If it wasn’t for the music, I wouldn’t even be clear who was the bad guy.

Invasion Watching


I’m watching Invasion (the ABC show from 2005). I like it and think it should have gotten a better break from the viewing public, but I was one of those people who stopped watching after a few episodes so I guess I shoulder some of the blame for its cancellation. I also think Tyler Labine was very underused on the show. I get that he was supposed to only be comic relief but every time it looked like they were going to give his character some depth, he disappeared for long stretches of time.

On a semi-related note, check out Deadbeat on, It’s pretty good.

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