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SciFi Noise Episode 18: Fringe and Second Chance Shows

Sci Fi Noise Episode 5: Defying Gravity-The Lost Episode

Host Derek Coward finds the episode about Defying Gravity that he thought he lost forever. There is a lot of talk in the episode about television viewing habits before an in-depth look at Defying Gravity, the premise and the cast. Hopefully, this episode will live up to expectations.

Not Sci Fi Noise 1: A Short But Sincere Apology

Sci Fi Noise Episode 2: Defying Gravity

Host Derek Coward talks about the television show Defying Gravity and ends up talking about a bunch of other shows including Fringe, The X-Files and Dollhouse. There is also a recommendation for the BOOM Studios comic book interpretation of “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”