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Eureka canceled

It looks like Syfy has canceled Eureka. It ends after the next season and not in the next few weeks, as some would have you believe. The producers wanted a shortened sixth season to wrap up some things, but didn’t get it. Hopefully, the story will wrap up nicely.

Personally, I have always thought five seasons is enough for any series, no matter how many episodes are in each individual season. Eureka was a very enjoyable show and I will enjoy the rest of the episodes knowing that, unlike some other shows, it won’t wear out its welcome.

I Was Right: Time Travel Proven Impossible

The Event NBC | Inside TV |

“Promising news for fans of The Event, NBC’s low-rated thriller that got axed after one season: EW has learned that SyFy is considering whether to develop the second season into a miniseries.”

via The Event NBC | Inside TV |

I stopped watching the show when it came to the winter break and I didn’t start watching The Cape either, so they lost a Monday viewer (Well, a Monday night DVRer). However, knowing that the story might be completed, I might go back, finish the first season and watch the miniseries when it comes out.

Canada’s Lost Girl finds home on Syfy – Variety

Bo and Kenzie from Lost Girl

2010 Nebula Award Winners! at

I’m not sure how I missed this, but the winners of the 2010 Nebula Awards were announced. Not only does have a list of the winners, but they also a lot of links to other websites where some of the nominees can be read for free.

2010 Nebula Award Winners! | | Science fiction and fantasy | Blog posts.

Jeff Conaway from Babylon 5 Dies at 60

Los Angeles Times is reporting that Jeff Conaway has died at age 60.He was taken off life support Thursday May 26 and died Friday in Encino, nine days after being put into a medically induced coma. He, of course, played Zack on Babylon 5. Our well-wishes go out to his family and friends during this trying time.

via Jeff Conaway, Star of Taxi and Grease, Dies at 60 – Yahoo! TV Blog.

Jeff Conaway Hospitalized in a Coma – ABC News

Unfortunately, Babylon 5‘s Jeff Conaway has fallen into a coma. Apparently, he had a drug overdose. I think he was on a show called Celebrity Rehab a few years ago, but it looks like any treatment didn’t stick. My best wishes go out to him and his family in this trying time.

Jeff Conaway Hospitalized in a Coma – ABC News.



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