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Sci Fi Noise: Space Stories

The Orville

Sci Fi Noise: Spoiler Filled Parking Lot Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars the force awakens

Sci Fi Noise: Star Wars VII Boycott

John Boyega

Comic Book Noise 464: Star Wars #1 and Rebels

Host Derek Coward returns with a Cross-posted episode with SciFiNoise where he breaks some bad news, talks about Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics, Star Wars Rebels from the Disney Channel, and tells why he’s looking forward to future Star Wars stuff coming from Disney.

Sci Fi Noise: Dog Days Of Podcasting: Favorite Sci Fi Movie

Sci Fi Noise: Trigun

vash the stampede

Sci Fi Noise: The Shepherd’s Tale

Shepherd Book

Sci Fi Noise: Obi-Wan Deserves The Blame

Obi Wan and Anakin

Sci Fi Noise Episode 37: Sequels and Prequels

the star wars

Sci Fi Noise 26: Terminator