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Sci Fi Noise: Sleepy Hollow Finale

sleepy hollow finale

Sci Fi Noise Episode 19: Cancelled TV Shows From 2010-2011

Stargate Universe Logo

SciFi Noise Episode 18: Fringe and Second Chance Shows

Sci Fi Noise 12: Catching Up With Stargate Universe

Host Derek Coward has taken the time to get caught up on the current season of Stargate: Universe. Find out if he still feels it is a great disappointment or if he feels it has redeemed itself and reclaimed the title of Best Science Fiction Show on TV. There’s also some talk about Fringe and Doctor Who.

Sci Fi Noise Episode 11: The De-Evolution of A Favorite

Sci Fi Noise Episode 2: Defying Gravity

Host Derek Coward talks about the television show Defying Gravity and ends up talking about a bunch of other shows including Fringe, The X-Files and Dollhouse. There is also a recommendation for the BOOM Studios comic book interpretation of “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”